Sunday, April 27, 2014

Offwidth Army

Climbing Offwidths has a certain stigma associated to it, usually leaving those who search it out, socially outcast by the general climbing community. In other words, we're weird and we know it. Typically, offwidth dedicated climbers are a rare to come by, but as climbing grows among the community here in Salt Lake, so has the interest in wide cracks. 
Recently a select few have distinguished themselves as talented offwidth climbers, and have joined forces to rage war on our local offwidths. 
This is Matt Davis on a boulder problem I've been calling "twister". He is incredibly strong and has already sent the 5.12 inverted offwidth at our local gym, he's smart and calculated with his climbing and can read movement in the rock
This is Ashley Cracroft, I believe her history with dance and sport climbing transferred perfectly into offwidths, she is incredibly technically advanced in offwidth movement and has climbed hard vertical and inverted offwidths. 
And this is Wes Burdett, he never seems to give up, and has that "blue collar", grind it out personality, so crucial to offwidths. I don't think much will stand in his way from climbing some serious hard offwidths.

I've been calling them the "Offwidth Army"