Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tape gloves and other offwidth secrets!

Hello everyone!
Here are a couple of tricks and tips to help your offwidth climbing.

At the request of several people I've made a video showing how I tape my hands for offwidth climbing.
I would suggest using either Metolius, Euro, or Kendall Curity tape. The Euro is a bit more tacky and sticky which is great for hand cracks, but can be a little difficult when doing hand stacks (they stick together). I use the Metolius brand of tape, I've found it to be more durable than the other tapes, which is really nice when you're trashing your hands so heavily.

Sick of re-lacing your shoes after every climb? Try out some waxed hockey laces, they are thick and incredibly durable, and even lay flat to avoid painful pressure points. they are incredible easy to find and really cheap!

Gear Bags!!!!!
I found this amazing bag at IKEA that is the same size as my haul bag

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